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Comic Books

  Though simple in their appearance, the narrative sequential art form of comic books offers an incredibly diverse range of content for all ages. Many do not realize the history and scope of comic books:
  • Forerunners of modern comic books were produced in eighteenth-century Japan, though most regard comic books as an American-born art form.
  • US-produced comic books first gained popularity in the 1930s.
  • Original and adapted comic books are also popular in Asia and Europe.
  • Comic books’ characters and subject matter have evolved through the decades.
  • Characters in comic books have been adapted for television and movies.
  • Comic books have had direct and indirect influence on film directors like Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino.
  • Comic books have “reverse-tech” influence, with video games and player-vs.-player (PVP) games inspiring print editions.
  • Comic books and graphic novels have garnered awards as prestigious as the Pulitzer Prize, achieved by Art Spiegelman’s Maus in 1992.*

Just as popular culture and readers’ preferences continue to evolve, so too will comic books. This once-simple, often-derided art form is at last gaining respect beyond its core audience—which itself is growing. For all popular genres and publishers of comic books, search and order online from Westfield Comics.

Comic books have a loyal following. In fact, it’s a following that has grown beyond fans of traditional comic books to include enthusiasts of graphic novels and character-related products. Whatever your level of interest, Westfield Comics is your ideal source for comic books of all genres and publishers plus accessories and action figures for the true fan. Search our inventory and fill your pull list of comic books by ordering online from Westfield Comics.

*Source: Pulitzer.Org [http://www.pulitzer.org/cgi-bin/year.pl?type=w&year=1992&FormsButton2=Retrieve]



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