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DC Comics


DC Comics was born from a publishing upstart in 1935, and the company’s New Fun Comics set the standard for presenting previously unpublished material. Certainly, DC Comics broke ground in 1938 in Action Comics with the introduction of Superman. In addition to the Man of Steel, DC Comics has entertained readers over the years with popular creations that include:

  • Batman
  • Green Lantern
  • Justice League of America
  • Plastic Man
  • Teen Titans
  • Wonder Woman

DC Comics stands as one of the largest and most diverse publishers today, with its range of comics and product lines crossing multiple interests, generations and even genres. DC Comics’ characters have long been featured in movies and television (it’s said that DC Comics enjoys at least one Superman reference in every Seinfeld episode) and even Broadway. For your favorite DC Comics publications and products, browse and order online from Westfield Comics.

DC Comics began over 70 years ago, introducing the concept of previously unpublished comics to readers, followed shortly thereafter by the original super-hero, Superman. In the decades since, DC Comics has introduced some of our favorite characters whose popularity is stronger than ever. Having grown well beyond a publisher of comic books, DC Comics publishes for a virtually limitless range of ages and interests. For your favorite DC Comics products, browse and order online from Westfield Comics.



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